Friday, July 16, 2010

Note to self and others

When you are at the library looking for Spanish language tapes, do not write the call numbers on the outside of the folder containing the important document you just had certified by the Secretary of State. The one you need to get your student visa. You will set it down on the shelf while searching through bags of book/CD packages and you will forget it. Later, as you are waiting in line at the DMV thinking about how you will reward yourself with a DQ dipped cone in the food court after all this is done, you will look in your bag for your 2 proofs of address (also in the folder) and you will be distressed. You will then pedal madly back to the library, all the while thinking that you may have accidentally ruined your own life. Even though you will find the folder right in the stacks where you left it, this is not behavior you will want to repeat. Because many pedestrians are now mad at you and you are lucky you didn't get doored by that cab. Still, buy yourself a dipped cone anyway and try not to be too disappointed that they don't have butterscotch. It could be worse. You could have just ruined your own life.