Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Not Dead Yet!

Yes, I will attempt to revive my long comatose blog now that I'm preparing to leave for Costa Rica. One of the few things I can promise re: said blog, is that I will not be posting as often as I did in Burundi for the following reasons:
1. I will have homework.
2. I don't think Cuidad Colon has a 'mzungus home before it gets dark' curfew, this was very conducive to having time to write.
3. How many different ways can there possibly be to say: I am working hard and it's beautiful here?

I leave on August 15th and start orientation at UPEACE on the 18th. 'Til then I'll sporadically write about the process of getting ready to leave Chicago- my home for the past 15 years. Sporadically because:
1. I'm actually supposed to be writing a play right now.
2. It's a lot of work- leaving the country for a year.
3. I've got a lot of goodbye fiestas to have.

More to come...